Wishful Wednesday #2

I haven’t been to bed yet so this is an extremely early morning post. The
reason being is that I’m busy all day tomorrow, I mean today… so I most likely won’t get
chance to blog until later on in the evening and I really wanted to put up a
‘wishful Wednesday’ post as I’ve spotted some great things this week!

Here are my top 5 things I’ve spotted.

Dorothy Perkins Top.

I love, love and love this a bit more! It’s so cute and feminine and if you
decide to click on the link, you can see how pretty it is at the back. This top
retails at £26.00, which at the moment is a bit steep for me, I’m cutting back
on things that I don’t really need. I love all these light, soft blouses at the
moment though so I’m quite inclined to ask for this for my birthday.I especially love the whole vintage bird cage look and the little flowers!

2. The

I’ve only stumbled upon this today and again, I think it is just too
adorable. Here, this is a close up view of the design……I need it! This
snood costs just £10.00 at River Island; I think this is quite a good price as it is so

3. Flora
by Gucci as part of the Garden Collection in ‘Gorgeous Gardenia’.

I popped into Boots a couple of days ago and I smelt a
sample of this, it’s divine! If I remember rightly there are currently five different scents within the Garden Collection. The prices do vary with £49.00 for the 50ml at
Boots and £72.00 for the 100ml, they’re new fragrances so they will probably be
similar prices elsewhere; however I haven’t yet looked for better deals. This
is really not cheap at all, but it is so very nice.

4. MeMeMe
Flawless Finish Cream Foundation.

I saw this on a review I watched today by Zoe, take a look at her blog, it
is great! This brand has kept me intrigued before, however I haven’t tried
anything by them previously. When my current foundation runs out I’ll be
popping down to Superdrug to have a look at this. The price of this will
currently set you back £12.50, not too bad at all if it works well on your
skin. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for foundation as it’s a rather important
factor in your make-up regime.

5. No7
Glitter Nail Polish Top Coat.

I’ve seen this pop up on a few blogs over the past few days
and I’m quite impressed with the results people are having. Boots are once
again giving out the £5 off vouchers so this could be a really good offer to
take up. These cost a little more than their usual line of varnishes at a price
of £8.00.

So once again, I’m
off in fantasy land wishing for lovely products and clothes!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!