Firmoo Sunglasses!

The sun is actually out today, I
cannot quite believe it! This is good fact however as I’ve been meaning to do a
review of some sunglasses for the company Firmoo.
I was contacted by Firmoo back in August to see if I was interested in taking
part in a product review, of course I said yes! I know it is now October and it’s really not sunglasses weather so please forgive me!

Firmoo are an online eyewear company
which allows customers to buy prescription glasses/sunglasses as well as just
normal sunglasses on their website. Currently they are offering first time
customers the chance at a free pair of glasses be these prescription or
normal whereby customers only pay shipping costs. I think that after
experiencing their service first hand that this is an extremely good offer so
please do take a look at their site. If you’re thinking of doing this then you can upload a picture of yourself to try on the glasses virtually which is really quite handy!

Now, I’m not normally a huge
sunglasses fan I have to say, mainly because I always think that they never
suit me. You guys can be the judge of this once you have seen the pictures!

I chose a pair of sunglasses* as
I didn’t have any at the time and I thought why not, I could give them a go and
give my honest opinion to all of you. So I filled out the form that Firmoo
provided me with the sunglasses model I wanted and waited for them to arrive. I
have to say that throughout contact with the folk over at Firmoo they were
really polite and helpful, I felt quite at ease being in contact with

On the arrival of my sunglasses I have to say
that honestly I was shocked at how nice they were. They feel really well made
and look lovely, which is something I do not say lightly when it comes to sunglasses.
They arrived in a pink plastic case, with a green cleaning cloth inside. Along
with this there was a black carrying case and a little took kit to tighten the
little screws etc. This was a nice added touch I think to the service as if you
buy sunglasses from a high street store you normally have to buy a case separate
and I’ve never seen any come with a little tool kit.

They are dark purple frames which
have showed up a little black in the pictures I’m afraid, but they still look
lovely! Check out the cute little bow detail on the sides; I think this is a
nice little touch which I have not really seen before on glasses. I love them
so much and I cannot wait to wear them in the summer…that’s if we get one
next year!

Here is me wearing them, I tried to
be a little glamorous…I didn’t pull it off haha but anyhow, here they are!

*PR Samples. These sunglasses were kindly sent to me to review.