Mini Haul

I’ve picked up a few new things recently so I thought I’d do a mini haul post to share with you folks, let’s face it, we all like a nice haul post!

So, just after one year of blogging I finally caved and purchased what I
class to be a high end product; this being the
REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask at
an rrp of £30. I picked this up in Edinburgh a few weeks ago after bravely
stepping into Space NK…now I say bravely because let’s face it, it is so
expensive in there and I do feel a little out of place however, it was a really
nice experience and the lady that helped me was so nice and even gave me a
sample of the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation to try!

After seeing so many posts about Essie Mint Candy Apple I really did want
something similar however I didn’t want to buy an Essie polish at £8. Luckily Bourjois have a new collection out, with
this being the So Laque range of which the gorgeous mint green nail polish
called Amande Défilé is part of. It captured my interest straight away as I
think it looks pretty similar to the much raved about Essie polish.

Next up is the Palmer’s Gradual Tanning
Moisturiser. Now, I quite like being pale but even I must admit I was looking
like a ghost, so after seeing this on blogs by Kate and Amy I decided to bite
the bullet and pick it up. It smells really nice but after a while that fake
tan smell does appear however in my opinion it isn’t too overpowering as I’m
not left hanging my head out of the window once I’ve used it.  Now I do find that for a gradual tanner it did
give me quite a glow after just the one application therefore for me one application
is more than enough.  I really do like this
product therefore I know I’ll be using it a lot more now spring is finally on
the way. At £5.35 it is really affordable so if you’re a bit too pale for your
own liking then give this a whirl!

Another item from Bourjois is a lipstick from the Rouge Edition range in
shade 03 Pêche cosy. I’m really embracing peachy/coral tones at
the moment and I have to say I really like it! I picked this up after being
very indecisive over them for a few weeks, eventually I caved and I’m glad I
did. I think it’s pretty moisturising and not at all sticky in any way. They’re
also pretty pigmented so therefore I have a good all round lipstick here;
thumbs up to Bourjois! These lipsticks cost £7.99 which I think is a good price
for such a quality lipstick, I really do like this product.

Last up is the VO5 Dry Shampoo;
this is evidence of me breaking the mould here as I normally always buy
Batiste. I’ve used this and whilst I do like it and I really like the smell I’m
not so sure I will buy it again over Batiste as for me it doesn’t seem to give
as much ‘lift’, if that is the right word to use here as the Batiste dry
shampoos. I will persevere though as I haven’t been using it that long
therefore I may yet change my mind however I will admit it isn’t love at first
spray. This retails at £3.59 which is more expensive than Batiste too.