Africa Honey & Beeswax Hand & Foot Butter

I’ve been a huge fan of The Body Shop for ages so it comes to no surprise that I often find products I fall in love with and buy all over again. The Africa Honey and Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter just happens to be one of those products, with this being my second tub of the stuff. 

First of all, just look at that packaging! I simply adore unique packaging of products of which this certainly stands out amongst my other products at home. I guess the only let down of this is that it is a plastic tub and not glass however this really does not bother me too much at all as I know it will never be in danger of smashing. 

The product itself is a rich creamy butter consistency which once applied sinks in rather well leaving my hands and feet lovely and soft. It has the beautiful scent of honey to it which isn’t overpowering at all, I actually think it is quite a light scent in comparison to many of the body butters from The Body Shop therefore in my opinion it could easily be overlooked in favour of one of those. This would be a shame as I think this product really stands out, not just in appearance but in terms of quality too. 

In the past I’ve found this to work really well for me as I do suffer with dry patches on my hands and feet, particularly as we come closer to the colder months. I do think that if you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious and indeed richer come the autumn and winter months then perhaps bare this in mind whilst out shopping. 

I was aware at the time of originally purchasing this that it was a fair trade product, but to be perfectly honest that was all I did know. I didn’t know what made it a fair trade product and I guess at the time I should have looked it up, therefore it wasn’t until I came to write this post that I discovered more about it. The foot and hand butter contains beeswax which I discovered is harvested by farmers in Cameroon through traditional methods of bamboo hives. Traditional bee keeping such as this helps to deter logging through promoting strong and healthy bees which is something to be more and more encouraged as bee populations across the world continue to decline. To read more about this click here.

I wish when I initially ran out of this I had thought to save the packaging as I could have made my own DIY body scrub and contained it in this nice jar, alas; I was not that quick of a thinker. Therefore, once this has been used up I will be attempting my own body scrub…I’m quite excited!