Lily Lolo Honey Glow Shimmer Stripes

Before I delved into the realm of beauty blogging I can hand on heart say that I had never used a highlighting product before, I just wasn’t aware of them. Fast forward a year and a bit later where I have a little collection of highlighters which have fast become one of my favourite products to use within my make up routine. The most recent addition has been from the brand Lily Lolo, a brand that I have often found myself browsing due to their cruelty free status (I had originally discovered them whilst researching cruelty free brands last year).  

The Honey Glow Shimmer Stripes* from the new Classics and Metallics Collection I have to say is one of the nicest products I’ve seen in a while. It arrived in beautiful simple packaging that is both elegant and sophisticated, all whilst being super protective of the product inside which is something I take note of as I’m not really keen on cardboard type packaging such as the benefit blushers. There is a handy mirror of a decent size too which is a huge bonus if you take this out with you or away for the weekend.

The soft pressed powder is adorned with five beautiful shades of peach, gold, bronze and pink which all work together perfectly to create a stunning warm shimmering glow to the skin. I’ve found that this can be used as lightly as you like to add just a hint of warmth to your complexion or indeed it can be built up to create a more intense look. Either way I think it is a truly stunning product that really has added something new to my routine. This has somewhat of a bronzing effect on me as I’m quite pale which is something that I was missing as in all honesty I’m rather scared of warming my complexion up from the fear of looking orange. 

There is another shade of this product currently available with this being the Rose Glow Shimmer Stripes. This too looks beautiful and has tones of pink and white within it which I should imagine provides a really refreshing look to the skin. Within the rest of the collection there are two beautiful eye shadow quads which again look wonderful. I must admit though out of everything currently on offer from Lily Lolo the lipsticks above all else really stand out to me as they have the most gorgeous packaging I’ve seen for such a long time.

I’ve found that the shimmer stripes last quite well on me, totting up a number of hours before any touch ups are needed. I have to say that being quite a novice when it comes to warming up my complexion these Lily Lolo Shimmer Strips have certainly eased me in gently, I really do love them!

Lily Lolo products are all made in the UK whereby they do not test on animals; they’re made from natural ingredients and contain no parabens or other pesky ingredients. Derived from Sisters Lisa and Lorraine it is a brand that is fully committed to creating natural mineral make up for us ladies; a true blessing for us beauty lovers worldwide.

The Lily Lolo Honey Glow Shimmer Stripes retail at £19.99 and are available to buy from Lily Lolo.