MAC Plumful

It’s not often I crave a make-up product as I do find that I’m definitely more interested in skincare however every now and then there pops up an item which I keep on thinking about. This one product has been on my mind now for a number of months, do I, don’t I…it took me a while to purchase it but I finally reached for my card and made that all important purchase; MAC Plumful was mine!

Keen eyed bloggers will notice the background to these pictures is no other than the new Blogosphere Magazine where the lovely Estée from Essiebutton graces the front cover. I hold up my hands and say it was Estée who originally made me want this lipstick as I thought it looked gorgeous on her therefore I found it quite apt for her to feature on my background today. On a quick side note, if you love blogging definitely check out the magazine, it is fantastic!

I rarely fall for a hype product, mainly because I can’t afford to just buy anything as and when therefore purchasing this after thinking about it for a while has made it even more special; I just love this lipstick and can see it becoming a firm favourite throughout the rest of the year.

Plumful is medium pink toned lipstick with a hint of plum, it’s the perfect autumn shade for me as it adds just enough colour without being too pink or too vamped up. With it being a lustre finish this means that it is quite sheer, however it can be built up if needs be. It is a really creamy formula that glides effortlessly on to the lips leaving them feeling really soft and moisturised; it also disguises dry lips pretty well. However due to this I do find that in terms of longevity the shade does not that last long as after a couple of hours at most reapplication is required. That to me is a slight bug bare considering that these lipsticks now cost £15 a pop having said that I have to admit I’m willing to overlook it for this particular lipstick as it is so nice to wear. 

I think this particular shade would suit so many people however it may be worth having a look at your local MAC counter to be on the safe side, that being said you may end up walking away with more than you anticipated, those counters are dangerous!

Have you tried MAC Plumful? I would love to hear your thoughts and any further recommendations on shades.