October Empties

I’m behind with this post but considering I saved these throughout last month to be featured I thought I had best write about them before they made it into the recycling. Therefore without further delay here are the products I used up throughout October.

The VO5 Nourish Me Truly was a relatively nice conditioner to use after washing my hair as normal. This isn’t overly priced at £1.99 therefore I think it’s good value for money, particularly as the range is normally on offer in Boots, Asda and places alike. I can’t say that this was a fantastic product as it did nothing out of the ordinary, having said that it did do the job of making my hair feel soft after washing it so I can’t complain too much. I probably would buy it again if I was looking for something cheap and cheerful.

I did a review on the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Night Cream back in April, whereby since then I’ve being using it pretty much every night; it has lasted me such a long time for the price of just £5.99. I really did like this as I think it smelt nice, applied nicely on the skin without leaving a greasy residue behind and was affordable; along with making my skin feel super soft. I still do like it however I only wish it did not contain some questionable ingredients in it. I have long since recycled the packaging this came in and unfortunately the ingredients are not listed online however after having a quick check in store I was left disheartened, I only wish I could remember what the ingredients were! It’s a shame as I would have repurchased this.

The Soap and Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter was a bit of a treat buy at the beginning of the year. I found myself really enjoying using this mainly due to the smell! Scents of pistachio, vanilla and almond are really prominent within this product which is similar to the scents in Smoothie Star. I’ve yet to try that however after really liking this I’ll be sure to pick it up in the near future. Retailing at £8 Whipped Clean is a bit expensive for a shower butter which you rinse off although I must admit I would like it again.

I’ve not had that much experience with the brand Clinique, where I have I’ve had good and bad experiences therefore I really can’t quite make up my mind on the brand as a whole at the moment. The Liquid Facial Soap was part of the three step routine which I’m not that keen on, on a whole I found this product quite drying so I was glad to finish it off; I wouldn’t buy it again.

ProVoke Daily Maintenance Silver Shampoo is something I like to use every now and then to help tone out any brassy tones within my hair. I actually purchased this by mistake instead of buying the twice a week treatment shampoo which works a lot better, I’ll be buying this again though to use in conjunction with the former. Pretty cheap if you buy it from Bodycare in particular but it can also be found in Boots and Superdrug.

Last up is the Kind To Eyes Simple Eye Make Up Remover which I had being trialling for a mini series I want to do on high street eye make up removers. I thought this was ok; it’s relatively gentle and super affordable and can be found in a variety of stores so is easily attainable for many. I wasn’t that impressed with this as I found I was left with panda eyes after using a number of cotton pads so I highly doubt I will buy it again as the Garnier one I’m using at the moment is better.


Clinique and VO5 are not cruelty free brands however as far as I’m aware ProVoke may be but I’m not 100% sure, if you know then let me know.