October Favourites

Throughout October I pretty much stuck to the same old thing therefore I haven’t that many favourites; however, there are some new products that have crept into my stash so let’s take a look!

First up is Heal Gel Face*, this was kindly sent to me last month whereby I’ve being using it every day since. I’ll be doing a review of this soon so keep a look out for it if you’re interested. I personally use it as a serum type product whereby I do moisturise afterwards however I do believe you can use it alone. It is essentially an anti-ageing product which whilst I’m only 24 I can’t see any harm in including one of these, plus, I’m finding that it is really helping to fight off dehydrated skin which for me is a big issue come this cold weather.

Next up is the Laura Mercier Silk Créme Foundation which I purchased when Harvey Nichols had a sale, picking it up for £26 instead of £33 made the purchase a little bit easier on the heart. To be honest, I would have paid full price for it as I really do love this foundation, it is my personal favourite. It wasn’t love at first use as after initially having a sample to try I did find that it clung to dry patches, however, after solving this issue on my skin I’ve found that it works beautifully. My shade for any of those interested is creamy ivory.

Models Own Utopia is hands down one of my all-time favourite nail polishes. I’ve being using this to pop a hint of colour (despite it being somewhat of a nude shade) to my nails whilst I’m in the process of growing them again. I find that having my nails painted really does help me refrain from biting them; I know it is a gross habit but it is a very hard one to break also. I adore the formula of Models Own polishes, I currently own only a few but all of them so far have been wonderful, I just wish the smell wasn’t as strong as it is.

The 17 Stay Time 18 Hour Concealer is my most recent purchase from Boots, with the only reason being that my Collection concealer (yes that one) had finally ran out therefore I needed a replacement. I did consider repurchasing the super hyped up Collection concealer as whilst it’s not in my opinion worth the hype that it receives I do think it is relatively good at covering blemishes; I just tend to  steer completely away from my dark circles with it as it cakes up horrendously. So, after seeing this new concealer from 17 mentioned a fair few times I thought I would give it a go; I’m happy to report back that it is really good! I use this under my eye area without the fear of it looking cakey, it is isn’t as viscous as the Collection version so in my opinion isn’t as good as covering blemishes, however, I do prefer it because it isn’t as drying. For some reason it isn’t on the Boots website at the moment, however keep checking as I’m sure it will pop up online soon.


Laura Mercier is currently not cruelty free.

*PR Sample, this product was kindly sent to me for my consideration.