March Overview

March was a pretty hectic month for me when it boils down to the topic of blogging. Of course if you have read my previous post on my blogging experience you will know that I delved right into the deep end and published new content every day for the whole month; it was rather new territory for me to say the least. 

Normally for my monthly overview post I would pick out just four of my favourite posts but seeing as I posted so much last month I decided to go with nine this time. One of my top posts throughout March was my recent purchases post in which I featured my beauty purchases stemming from the beginning of January up until now. A nail polish from the new HyperGel range from Models Own was also featured which I kindly borrowed off my sister because at the moment I’m refusing to buy any more nail polishes, I’m doing quite well as I haven’t purchased a single one since back in December.

A good tag always seems to go down well which was proven with ‘The Blogger Love Tag‘. This one was one of my most viewed posts throughout March whereby a lot of love was shared for bloggers that I follow. Right back at the beginning of the month I had the wonderful opportunity to review some products from Lily Lolo, the makeup was truly beautiful and ever since then I have being craving to try a mineral foundation. 

Finally in March I managed to get around to reviewing a gel cleanser from Korres that I had being using on and off for the last year, it was high time it found a place on my blog. A creamy candle bubble bar from LUSH also found its way onto A Little Boat Sailing however it was a bit of a disappointment in the end despite it smelling absolutely gorgeous. Quite a lot of love was shared for lip products this month whereby I picked out some of my favourites that I have being using. Speaking of favourites I also featured my March Favourites where by some unnatural force that pesky NARSissist palette managed to somehow find its way in there…fancy that.

I also went for a nice walk in the woods and took a few pictures which I thought you all may like to see; I’m nice like that.