Jumper: H&M, Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins, Sandals: Dorothy Perkins, Bag: eBay, Lipstick: Rimmel Apocalips Across The Universe*.

You will have to re-wind right back to October last year to find any record of an outfit post over here on A Little Boat Sailing therefore I thought it was high time that I fitted in another. I’ve wanted to put up a few for ages now but for a couple of reasons I have tended to shy away from it mainly because of how awkward I tend to find myself feeling and also because I’m a bit self-conscious of my thunder thighs!

Anyway that’s the only reference I’ll be making to those so let’s move swiftly on. The white jumper is from H&M and is super-duper cosy, my only real bug bare is that I had to buy a large in this because of how small it comes up. This is a cropped jumper so if you like them bigger then you will have to go up a size or two to get your ideal fit, I actually would have preferred this to be a bit longer in the body or at least around the back however you can’t have everything.

My jeggings (yes the word jeggings) are from Dorothy Perkins and I have to say that they are almost perfect. So far they have kept their skinny tight fit and are extremely comfortable however they do have one flaw which is big enough for me to feel that I need to mention it. I have found that any fluff, dust or hair will stick to these bad boys like nothing else; it drives me absolutely crazy!

My bag is an old purchase from eBay however there are bound to be loads of similar ones floating around as satchels are always a popular choice. My sandals are also from Dorothy Perkins and are really comfy however I can’t help feel as though I should have stuck on my trusty pair of Converse for this outfit. 

Forgive any fashion faux pas; I’m still getting the hang of this outfit lark even after twenty four years.

*PR Sample.