May Favourites

May has been a really long month for me so I have to say I’m pretty glad to see the last day cropping up in my diary this week. Whilst thinking of what I wanted to feature in this month’s favourite posts I did feel as though I struggled quite a lot because these days I find that I’m using the same make up on a daily basis and due to the fact that skincare normally takes a while to decide upon I found myself at a bit of a loss. After reflecting upon what I had being using this month I did manage to pick a few things that I have being enjoying which enables me to kick start off this post with the first item.

The La Roche-Posay 50+ Anthelios XL Fluid was a bargain purchase from Boots the other week for just £4. My local store has had quite a few products reduced over the last month or so due to new lines being added however I’m not entirely sure why this was reduced because from what I can see online it is still being advertised on the brand website. I’ve only being using this SPF for just over a week so I do feel a bit uneasy posting this in a favourite post so soon however I have been so impressed with this so far. It isn’t greasy in the slightest and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft, it also works well under make up too and leaves me reassured that my skin is well protected from the sun.

My second item choice arrives in the form of an Essie polish whereby the shade Ballet Slippers has being gracing my super short nails over the last few weeks. Those who follow my blog will know that I suffer so badly when it comes to growing my nails however I do find that having them painted helps me quite a bit. Sadly brighter shades tend to look a bit daft on short nails so I have being painting them a nice neutral shade for a bit of self-encouragement.

The L’Occitane Lavender Pillow Mist has been quite the revelation this month; in fact I have being relying on this so much that I will have to repurchase it before it runs out. My mum actually purchased this for me because she knew I had being struggling to sleep for over six months and in all honesty it was becoming a real problem. There are a lot of reasons as to why which need not be addressed here however this product has helped me so much. I’m not really sure if it is a psychological thing or if indeed there really is something in it however all I know is that I’m now a huge believer in these types of products.

Last but most certainly not least is an item of jewellery from Oh My Clumsy Heart whereby the creator Sophie has an array of beautiful gold and silver jewellery all designed and created by herself. The necklace above is called ‘Verity’ and is one that I’d had my eye on for over a month or two before I purchased it. It’s a tri-tone ring necklace that is even more beautiful in the palm of my hand than I would ever have imagined. I’ve being wearing this none stop ever since I purchased it and truly hope to buy a few more things from Sophie later on in the year.