What’s In My Bag?

I’m not quite sure why it has taken me just over two years to publish one of the most popular types of blog posts/YouTube videos out there. I guess when I think about it what I carry around with me on a daily basis is to me actually pretty boring, I feel as though nothing is particularly special or really worth addressing however I know we’re somewhat a nosy bunch us bloggers therefore I trusted that someone out there may find this a little bit interesting.

First of all my bag is the Zara Mini City Bag in navy which I hunted down last year. It’s a really smart bag that is just the right size for me for going to work (for the moment) however you will struggle to get a bottle of water in this which still to this day irritates me. It also has two side compartments which you’re not able to secure properly as there is no zip. Originally I didn’t think that this would bother me however it does, it’s the sole reason as to why I don’t use it when I go off to town as sneaky hands could easily get into it. There are some good things about this bag though as for the price I think you get a really well made bag, the quality is really good. It’s nice and sturdy and overall is well presented; I think it looks really smart and sophisticated. For a little while I had been considering the larger offering from the City Bag range however after seeing it just a few days ago in store I decided that it was far too big; reading this post from Sophie only confirmed that to me just a few days later.

For a relatively small bag it does however hold quite a few things which is commendable. Starting off I have just a few necessities lying around in there such as my small umbrella, keys, tissues, inhaler and a simple black pen. Considering I have a pen it’s a little odd that I’m found to be lacking a little notepad, I did have one however it seems to have been misplaced. 

Other items include my hand sanitiser from Carex, a simple cheap body spray from Charlie which takes me back to my teenage years whenever I spray it as well as my small handbag sized hair brush which comes in super handy after walking to work. My purse as you may have noticed is looking well past its sell by date, however considering it is verging on six years old it has served me pretty well indeed. Obligatory Boots vouchers can often be found lying around in my bag although whether they are in date or not is often another story. 

In terms of make up products considering I write about beauty on a regular basis I do tend to not carry much around with me. Whilst at work I don’t really have time to be touching up my make up so generally I tend to have just a couple of products in my bag. My current choices at the moment consist of lip balms from the Maybelline Baby Lips range, a lipstick called ‘Tempting Lilac’ by L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick and the 17 Stay Time Concealer.

So all that remains is to ask you one vital question. What’s in your bag?