Carrera Aviator Sunglasses

Carrera Crsytal Orange Sunglasses

As I write this you’ll just have to trust me and take my word for it that we did indeed had some sunshine in the UK recently, although where it has gone now I do not know. When the sun eventually does come back out to play I’ll be the first reaching for the SPF, ice creams and maxi skirts along with the Carrera 82 Sunglasses* which have recently found their way into my life courtesy of The Sunglasses Shop.

Carerra first launched in 1956 and has since recently re-launched at The Sunglasses Shop therefore it’s the perfect opportunity to share with you this brand and in particular this design. Carrera sunglasses are iconic although I’ll be straight with you that I had not heard of them before. Despite that I have over time seen various music videos from Lady Gaga and Rihanna of who were all found to be sporting the iconic Carrera Champion Aviator sunglasses in them.

Carrera Sunglasses

The new look for Carrera in 2015 sees an appeal to a more contemporary style with the ‘out there’ tagline which will see discreet branding, clean lines and innovative concepts. Carrera have recently redesigned their most famous models which include the Champion Aviator and the Panamerika frames so they’re well worth checking out if you fancy something new for your wardrobe this year. They have also released the very first range of sunglasses with an interchangeable front allowing you to customise your sunglasses to suit your mood or indeed your outfit. Examples of these include the Carrera 5022S which you can see has different designs available, I’ve linked them so you can see what I’m referring to here as the pair I have do not have this feature. 

The Carrera 82 in crystal orange from the Carrera Muses collection was for me my favourite design and that’s not just because they’re pink. Inspired by the original designs I would never have dreamed that I would like a pair of pink sunglasses yet they instantly jumped out to me; they could not represent summer any better if they tried!

Carrera Sunglasses

The pink detail is balanced nicely alongside crystal peach frames and silver sides of which you will find the brand name discreetly engraved into the temples and the very top where the bridge of the frame is present. The multi layered mirror finish is extremely eye catching and certainly makes them stand out in the crowd. I’ve never had a pair of sunglasses as unique as these therefore I really cannot wait to start wearing them more regularly. I’ve found them to be extremely light and comfortable to wear which is something I do look out for with sunglasses, nobody wants those dreaded marks left in their nose after wearing them for a while; they’re also 100% UV protective which is of course crucial if you want to protect your eyes from the sun.

Carrera Crystal Orange Sunglasses

Before I round the post up here make sure you keep an eye out for the Carrera bucket list giveaway which is in partnership with The Sunglasses Shop. As part of Carreras ‘Out There’ campaign they want to hear what’s on your bucket list whether that be a sky dive, deep sea diving or swimming with dolphins, you name it! Keep your eye out for that soon because it sounds simply too good to miss!