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Kikki K

Ever since I discovered Kikki K from Kirsty I have being meaning to place my very own order. From the vast array of notebooks, planners and pens it is quite literally a stationary lover’s dream. Every few months or so Kikki K launch a new collection which always consists of more than one thing that I’d like to pick up. However seeing as they are only based in Australia this does make things a little bit more difficult; it is not a site that I can justify ordering from often due to custom charges being implemented once your order arrives over here in the UK.

Kikki K 

Therefore I decided to hold off until something really did catch my eye and catch my eye something did. A little while ago Kikki K launched their Dark Mint and Black Cherry range which consists of planners, notebook, travel wallets, pencil cases and more. It was without doubt the Dark Mint planner that caught my attention, what with the beautiful mint against the dark blue and the golden detail of the rings and embossed honeycomb design along the spine, it was without a doubt something I knew I wanted to invest in. It’s not every day I make an order from overseas, in fact I can only think of it happening on two other occasions therefore it wasn’t a decision I made lightly. After enquiring with others who I knew had ordered from Kikki K in the past I decided to just go for it and place my order; I knew what I was getting into and that the possibility of custom charges was high.

Kikki KSeeing as though it is not every day that I go ahead and place an order from Kikki K (in fact this was my very first) I decided to get the things that I wanted, after all everything was coming from Australia so I wanted to ensure I ordered everything in one go as opposed to making an order a few more weeks down the line. Of course naturally I picked up the Large Dark Mint Planner (now sold out) as this was originally the product that had started off my order. As well as this I also wanted to pick up a pen for my planner, I decided to go with the Mountains Ball Point Pen because I think the colours went together really well and matched the planner nicely. 

What would a stationary order be without including a set of notebooks? Not quite good enough I say yet that’s only because I seem to hoard notebooks like they are going out of fashion, therefore I also decided to pick up a set of the A5 Life is Sweet Notebooks (again now sold out) which I have to say are so incredibly lovely. Let’s just say that I may have picked up a second set for a little give away on here in the near future, stay tuned! Alongside the notebooks I also ordered the Life is Sweet Vision Board Kit which is something I think people tend to use within their planners. I do like that idea although I think I’m far more inclined to save them for something else that I have planned once my bedroom is decorated.

Kikki K

For my desk I picked up another desk planner, this one is from the Minimalist range and was actually in the sale at the time. I’ve had one of these before from Paperchase and they really are great for helping you to keep organised; they provide an easy and immediate reference when sitting at your desk, so long as you keep them up to date of course. In terms of accessories I also picked up a few packs of stickers with the intention of using these for my planner. What can I say; I’m a huge kid at heart and love the idea of adding a few here and there to the pages that I’m using at the time.

Kikki K Dark Mint Large Planner

In a bid to save the last thing until the very end I have here the Kikki K Large Dark Mint Planner which is even more beautiful in real life as opposed to a picture on the internet. At first I was very torn as to whether to go for the Dark Mint or indeed the Black Cherry as that too is absolutely stunning; the only reason I went with this one in the end was because I do have a pink Filofax already although the colours are actually still very different. The Mint version was for me incredibly refreshing, it will make a nice change to what I use currently so I’m looking forward to starting to use it now I have the time to set it up how I want it; my exams are almost over!

The Large Dark Mint Planner is made from real leather and consists of various note pages, a to do list, an 18 month perpetual calendar, meeting notes as well as a selection of stickers which you can use to mark down various appointments or reminders. There are a number of dividers too which allows you to customise your planner to your own personal taste. Unlike a typical planner purchased at the beginning of the year this does not have the whole year set out with the months and days etc, this is completely blank which is great for me. I’m not a huge fan of diaries that start mid-year as I like them to begin in January and end of course on the 31st of December.

For now I’m a little torn as to whether to start this one off and fill in the dates myself or to wait until the New Year to kick it off properly. For the record other pages will fit into this from the likes of Paperchase, Filofax and WHSmith therefore all I have to do is go and buy my yearly pages once they start coming into the shops; I’m in no rush to pick these up just yet.

Finally for those who are wondering my Kikki K order did not escape the wrath of customs, I had to pay just over £30 to have my parcel delivered. Looking back I know that I would have paid this again, it hasn’t put me off ordering from Kikki K in the slightest so if you are thinking about placing an order do bear in mind the charges but don’t let them put you off too much, especially if like me you really do find yourself falling for something in particular.