April Beauty Favourites

April Beauty Favourites

So the bank holiday flew by rather quickly didn’t it. So much so that before I knew it, we were on May 3rd and I still had not published my April Beauty Favourites. Luckily for me I had today off work, therefore I had some spare time to take a quick snap of some of my favourite products throughout April.


Starting off this post I am kicking off with a new brand which I have not featured on here before. I Love is a brand which I had seen before but had never purchased from, yet one afternoon whilst in Superdrug I decided to pick this up in order to give it a try. Generally speaking I am not one to spend money on expensive shower gels as they are far too quickly washed down the drain, the cheaper, the better in my opinion (although of course I am partial to a bit of luxury now and then). The Peachy Passionfruit Bath and Shower creme from I Love costs just £1.50 and is, in my opinion a beauty bargain. It smells delicious and it fills the bathroom with a lovely scent long after it has been used, for the price I cannot fault it. 


The next two products come from one of my favourite brands to date, that being Clarins. In the past I have been kindly provided with products to feature on here, which in turn has led me to buying more from the brand myself; I quite simply adore Clarins and the products that they produce. One such product is the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel which I picked up at the end of last year. Long before I purchased this I had read countless reviews as to how good this is. Due to it being a little more expensive than your average cleanser I do tend to use this as a second cleanse, that being said if you are wearing light make up then this does work relatively well; however if you have stubborn eye liner and mascara then I would advise using something else. This cleanser is incredibly gentle on my skin and it feels really lovely to apply due to the gel texture. Once activated with water this turns into a light milky consistency which is then easily rinsed away. 


Sticking with Clarins for one more moment, the Rouge Eclat Lipstick* in the shade Tawny Rose has been a favourite of mine now since I received this back in July last year. There is a much more in depth review of this within my Clarins Autumn Makup Collection post if you would like to know more. In a nut shell however the texture of these lipsticks are right up there in terms of comfort, they are incredibly easy to wear and feel really soft on the lips. Tawny Rose is a nude, albeit it being one of the darkest nudes that I own. Generally speaking it is probably a more appropriate for autumn, although I have never been one to stick to a trend.

In a bid to use lip liners a bit more I have once again pulled out an old favourite, that being MAC Soar. It goes without saying that this is a bit of a cult product these days, although I believe Whirl was somewhat more popular. 

The last item is a mascara which I note is rarely featured on here, despite mascara being one of my favourite beauty products. The Clinique High Impact Mascara has been my go to lately as I have found that it works really well on my lashes. Most people tend to aim for length when it comes to mascara, however my lashes are quite long in their own right, therefore what I like from my mascara is volume which I think this provides in abundance. The sample I have here has been a great introduction to this little product and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it.