Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Sitting here on a Monday afternoon drinking a cup of tea and eyeing up yet another Terry’s Chocolate Orange seems somewhat alien to me. I would normally be at work right now, rushing around and counting down the minutes until 5pm, yet alas it is bank holiday and we are welcoming in the New Year. 

My blog over the last month has been pretty quiet to say the least, in fact I think in almost the five years since I have been running this little place on the internet it has been the longest I have gone without publishing a single post. This does make me a little sad in all honestly as I still love to sit down and write and talk about my favourite beauty products, however it really has been quite nice to switch off and to simply take a little break. 

Whilst I would love nothing more than to say I am back with heaps of brand new content I must admit that I am rather unprepared for 2017 when it comes to my blog. The next couple of months for me are going to be busy as I am due to start hitting exam territory for my Master’s degree within the next two weeks, however I will still be uploading throughout this period, just not as frequently as I would like. 

It struck me on Saturday evening that when I asked somebody about their New Year’s Resolutions that I had in fact none of my own. Let’s face it, most of us opt for the old cliché of losing a few pounds, getting fitter and perhaps taking up a new hobby (all of which I plan to do this year). However, nine times out of ten most of these resolutions fade away, we get back stuck into work and our day to day routines and those resolutions simply just become great ideas we had on the 31st December. Therefore whilst I haven’t really made any new year’s resolutions as such, I have decided to choose just two aims for 2017 which I wish to incorporate into my life for ever more, not just as a goal for the new year. 

Generally speaking, I am one of those people who seek to make others happy, to please others when perhaps sacrificing my own happiness in the process. Whilst I will always have that in me, I do want to start doing things more for myself and making sure that I am happy too. Self-care was a phrase that was thrown around a lot last year, yet it wasn’t something which I really thought about until the last couple of months. This year I have made a promise to myself that I will start looking after myself better. 

Throughout the year we do so many things in our lives which may seem trivial, yet in years to come we may look back on those with fond memories and laughter. My second goal for this year and as I say forever more is to start documenting memories, to take more photographs and to actually print them off. In an ever evolving digital world I rarely see photo albums or scrap books these days, therefore I am going back to basics and will be aiming to create my own Project Life album in the coming few weeks….(once my order arrives). 

Whatever your resolutions are this year, whether you have decided to make any or to simply take each day as it comes, I truly wish you a Happy New Year with love, peace and happiness.