Trespass Active Wear

Trespass Active Wear

Last summer was the first time in a rather long time in which I was actively including a fitness regime into my schedule. I found myself getting into running, which although I will admit to finding it super difficult at first I soon found myself looking forward to putting in my headphones and heading off out on an evening run after work. In October, I even managed to complete a 5k charity run, which may not sound like a great deal but to me it was a huge achievement.

However, I found that as the weather turned and we hit the incredibly dark nights I was no longer able to go out running anymore apart from on the weekends. I live in the countryside where there are no street lights by my house at all, and the roads are all 60mph; it isn’t the safest place to go running in the dark let’s face it. As the months rolled on I found myself running less and less, which after all my hard work in the summer I was left feeling really annoyed at myself for letting all that work and determination fall by the way side.

Trespass Active Wear

Recently I have started going out on a few runs again. I used to record everything on a running app but I have decided to take the pressure off and to just run without recording anything for now; I’ll start that again once I hit a regular routine once more. This year though I feel more prepared for the darker evenings as Trespass have kindly kitted me out with a few bits and pieces which will not only keep me warmer on the cooler evenings but also keep me more visible to road users.

Trespass Active WearTrespass Active Wear

To be honest I am not sure why I did not consider reflective and brighter colour clothing before, it almost seems too obvious, yet alas here I am in the middle of spring writing about being seen in the dark. The Trespass Pity Women’s Active Leggings* I have to say are perfect for what I need as they have reflective trims upon them which will make my evening runs much safer, they also have a little pocket at the back which is SO handy! I can never find active wear with pockets in, so when I head off out I struggle to find places to put my ipod and car keys (if I have driven somewhere further afield to go running); in fact I am quite guilty of just stuffing my car keys down my sports bra so at least I have a better alternative now.

When it comes to running tops I often find them hit and miss as when I initially set off I am cold, yet after five minutes I am boiling and want to take off as many layers as possible. To date I am still on the fence about long sleeve running tops; I  just get too hot far too quickly. That being said, I am far too aware at just how cold it can be when running on a Saturday morning mid December so the Fairford Fleece* makes the perfect winter running companion. It also goes without saying that this is a rather bright number so everybody and their neighbour will see you coming in this one.

Next time you’re in the market for new and practical active wear then definitely check out Trespass, I was pleasantly surprised to see what they have on offer along with some fantastic bargains to be had in their sale.

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer.