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If there is one thing which I would love to write about and to get into more, then it is interiors. However, the stumbling block of sharing a bedroom with your sister and not having your own place puts a…

Recently Recycled #15

Back in November I shared with you some of the most recent products that I had managed to make my way through. I have to say that last year and going into this year that I am happy to report…

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I'm Amy, 28 and living in beautiful England. I enjoy writing about beauty and lifestyle and sharing little snippets of my life. I ask that you sit back, preferably with a cup of tea and share with me your beauty secrets and life stories.

If this blog sounds like something you're interested in then please do stick around, it will be lovely to have you here.


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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Collection

Urban Decay is without a shadow of a doubt one of my favourite brands of all time. It was, if I remember correctly, the first high end brand that I had ever experienced at around 14 years old. My first…

Hello 2018

Hello 2018. I thought it would be nice to see you, however for some reason, me and you just aren’t quite getting along. We are currently 18 days into the New Year and I have been poorly for 11 of…

Beauty Favourites of 2017 – Makeup

Hands up if you have been hit with the cold of nightmares since New Year? I have had this for 6 days now and it looks like there is no end in sight. I have lost my voice for the…


Soap and Glory Spa of Wonder

Christmas always brings with it the obligatory Soap and Glory big box of products, 2017 was of course no exception which saw Boots stores across the country inundated with the Soap and Glory Spa of Wonder gift box. I thought about…

Beauty Favourites of 2017 – Skincare

It is that time once again, time to sit down and reflect on my favourite beauty products of 2017. I can’t quite believe that we are in 2018 already, time really does fly and no matter how much we all…