The Modernist Watch by DKNY

The Modernist Watch by DKNYThe Modernist Watch by DKNY

I remember one of my very first fragrances being from DKNY. It was right after my first teen fragrance love affair of Tommy Girl and right before I moved into the realms of Lacoste Pink, I am sure a fair few of you know what I am talking about…ladies of the almost 80’s at least. I was born in 1989, I barely scraped in, therefore whilst liking to kid myself that I am 80’s child, I was far too young to really appreciate that era although the likes of Bon Jovi and Queen will always be in my heart. However, I digress! I have a firm memory of what DKNY was like back then, it was youthful and fun and it has, to this day, remained in my mind as a brand of just that, my youth! Fast forward on a good few years later I have stumbled upon DKNY again and I have fallen a little bit in love with the latest item to fall into my life.

The Modernist Watch by DKNYThe Modernist Watch by DKNY

The Modernist Watch by DKNY* is one of their classic designs, with this seasons latest launch having a gorgeous ocean blue twist to it. The clock face as you can see has an utterly mesmerising blue face which catches the light beautifully. I chose this design in particular because I have found myself moving away from leather based straps for now. I really like metal bracelet watches as they feel lighter and more free on my wrists as opposed to a leather strap which sits rather rigidly in place. In fact, I used to always wear watches of this style for years and years; I am not entirely sure why I stopped. Of course, the only downside to a metal strap is that nine times out of ten you will have to have links taken out, although in all honesty I had to have four taken out of this over the weekend (my wrists are tiny) and it took all of 15 minutes at the jewellers. I just love how vibrant this watch is to wear, it is not just an accessory, it is almost a statement piece in my accessory wardrobe.

Ever since this arrived at my door last week I had been itching to get the links taken out of it so that I could wear it properly. I could not be more grateful from the wonderful team at in giving me the opportunity to feature such a beautiful watch such as this. I would hand on heart recommend to all of those looking to add a new watch to their collection. They have such a fantastic online service which I have personally used outside of blog reasons. You can price match if you happen to stumble across a better deal elsewhere (which I did and they were more than accommodating) and right from the moment you place your order you are earning reward points to put towards a future purchase.

There are some truly incredible designs to browse through from a wide variety of well known and loved brands, therefore I do urge you to consider next time you are having a browse.

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer.