Scotland Trip to the Isle of Rum and Inverness

I’m back from my trip away to Scotland! First of all, thank you to everyone
for the comments whilst I’ve been away, I think I’ve replied to everybody now.

I have had a lovely time away, it was so much fun! The sun was shining every
day, it was so hot! People in the UK will know just how gorgeous the weather we have had this last
week has been. I went hiking a lot, long walk’s and visits to new towns and National
Parks, I do a Geography degree for those that aren’t aware so it is all in
relation to my degree topic.

I went to the Isle of Rum where I camped for 4 nights, for the record, I
don’t think camping is my thing haha! I went up mountains and walked to the
opposite side of the island, my feet have complained quite a lot but I enjoyed
it all the same. Walking in the heat was quite difficult, especially carrying a
full rucksack!

View from my tent on the Isle of Rum.

This next picture is another view I had from the tent I was sharing with my friend, we woke up to this each morning, and it was glorious!

I also went to Inverness, which is perhaps the largest city in the Scottish
Highlands, with residents of just 57,000 people. I had never been here before
so I didn’t know what to expect, although I was hoping to spot Nessie! I refer
to Nessie because for those that are not aware, the mythological creature the
‘Loch Ness Monster’, aka Nessie, has been recorded for many years in Loch Ness,
not far from Inverness. Loch Ness is the largest inland volume of water in the
Scottish Highlands of which reports of Nessie have been rife for many years.


I recommend people going, it is lovely and of course the weather helped. Guess what…I found Nessie!! Ok, ok I know it’s not real but I reckon it is the closest I’ll get haha!

I thoroughly enjoyed my “holiday”, though it wasn’t really a holiday
as we had to do field notebooks (we had lots of talks on various issues), we
also now have an essay to write about a certain issue we learned of whilst

I’m glad to be back now though, I was missing my comforts! I’m looking forward to blogging properly again too, thanks for reading this
long post!