About Me

Back in 2012 whilst still at university I started off A Little Boat Sailing, what is now known as The July Rose. Fast forward on five years and the rest is pretty much history.  In 2013 I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Geography which I thoroughly enjoyed, however I found that my degree lacked creativity. I think this is where the need for something such as my blog stemmed from and is a reason as to why I have carried it on when so often many hobbies have fallen by the way side.

Creating an online presence to write, share my photography skills (or lack of) and to connect with other like minded people was probably one of the best decisions I ever made.

In truth, in the last five years my blog has grown to become a rather big part of my life. It is incredibly important to me and I would like to think that in that time frame I have kept my integrity, honesty and have been true to my principles throughout. Whilst the nature of my blog has changed from primarily being a beauty blog (change is of course only natural over time), I would like to clarify that all featured products, experiences and content is 100% honest and genuine, whether they have been gifted or not.

For more on the above, please head on over to my Disclaimer.

However, if you just fancy a chat or have any questions then please do feel free to just drop me an email or tweet.

Thank you for stopping by!

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