Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey.

Tonight’s post is something different for you all in terms of previous
content on my blog. This post begins the start of my book reviewing, of which I
really do hope to continue as I just love reading books of all sorts of

My first book review is of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ series by EL. James. I
have referred to this book very briefly in April where I stated that it was a complete impulse buy whilst the book was half
price at book of the week. I work at WHSmiths so I’m always on the lookout at
the new books each week to see if anything interests me. I’ve been aiming to do
this review since mid May as I have read all three books in the series as well
as having read ‘The Hypnotist’ by Lars Kepler in the mean time; I’m now reading
‘The Historian’ by Elizabeth Kostova.

Just a note of warning, if anyone wants to find out what the book is about
for themselves then please do not read further, I would hate to spoil anything
for anybody. 

Now, when I first purchased these books as I have already said, it was an
impulsive buy. The blurb on the back sounded like a love/thriller kind of story
which I was intrigued by. I would like to say that this blurb gives no real
indication of what this book is really

In a nutshell, the series follows the ‘romance’ (I say that lightly) of the
new graduate Anastasia and her somewhat new found bizarre boyfriend Christian.
Now ladies, do not let this bizarreness put you off him at all, as he is to die
for….apparently. Throughout the book as a reader you are constantly bombarded
with the notion that Christian literally is god’s gift, women openly stare at
him, lust him etc etc…Of course he doesn’t notice this; he only has eyes for
Ana. Does this sound familiar at all….cough coughs Twilight!

Anyhow, Christian isn’t all he seems as we read further into the book, he
has a dark side, a bad side…again, this sounds familiar…Edward Cullen by
any chance? I’ll try and get off the Twilight comparisons now folks, although I
have to say Anastasia pulls off a great Bella Swan too….ok ok I will stop!

Christian is into some serious stuff in the bedroom department, I will not
divulge all here as I have no idea how old some of my readers are! Let’s just
say, it is not your average Jo’s relationship by any means. Anyhow, basically
the series goes between Ana’s thoughts on whether she really does belong
with this ‘enlightening’ man, does she really want that
kind of relationship. (I bet she didn’t go looking for it!).

My main gripes with the book despite the similarity to Twilight which in
turn wasn’t all that great, is the fact of how darn repetitive it is. I have
never read so much of the same thing in all my life, the constant smirking, inner
goddess and god dam lip biting is enough to put me off my lunch! Some scenes, I
guess these being the scenes in which most people are buying them for on the
sly really bored me after a while, they again were repetitive and I found
myself skipping down pages…I hate that point in any book. If you find
yourself skipping bits are you really enjoying it?

I do however have to acknowledge the fact that I purchased and read all
three books which has to show that something made me want to continue to read them.
I guess for me it’s really the fact that I needed to know what happened in the end, did they stay
together, split up or did he even end up killing her in that red room?

Has anyone else read these books? If so, what did you think?

Were you biting your lip in anticipation? I know I wasn’t.