July Favourites

It is that time again, another monthly favourites! I can’t quite believe
that we are here already, where is the summer going?! I have one more month off
until I go back to university for my third and final year, this is quite
exciting and a tiny little bit scary.

However, that is a whole different story which will not be featuring on today’s
post! Today I’m going to show you my top five products that I have been
enjoying this last month.

Lynx Attract For Her

So, here is the Lynx deodorant that was released for women, I wanted to try
this as I was curious as to what it would be like considering Lynx have always
made products for men. I really quite like it, I also love the packaging and it
smells quite nice. However, this is a big downer on my love for this product as
whilst doing a bit of research on it I came to learn that it is not
cruelty free. This has upset me as I wish I had knew before I purchased it, but
alas I have only recently gone cruelty free and I purchased this before I chose
that way forward. This can be purchased pretty much anywhere from what I can see, I picked mine up from Superdrug.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I purchased this just after my birthday with a Boots gift
card I had been given. As soon as I received it I knew what I wanted to buy
with it! I cannot believe how good this brush is, I did not believe the hype at
all before I used it, how swiftly my mind was changed….I love it! It provides
an absolute flawless finish once used, I cannot rate it highly enough. Plus,
guess what makes it even better; it is cruelty free as the bristles are 100%
synthetic. This is on the pricey side which is why refrained from purchasing it until my birthday, I could justify it so much more, it retails at £11.99 from Boots.

Beauty Formulas Face and Body Cooling Mist

I’ve had this for a while now but what with the extreme heat
the last week and a bit I had to reach to the back of the bathroom cupboard and
fetch it out. This has been so handy to use, especially at night time when it
has been really warm and humid. I struggle to sleep if I’m too hot so this has
been so useful! I cannot find out any more about this product in terms of
cruelty free, so at the moment I’m going to remain sceptical over it.

Boots Extracts Brazil Nut Body Butter

My first
time using this was just the other day to be honest with you all, so I haven’t
been using it all month. Having only tried it the other day I can honestly say
I’m already in love with it, however there isn’t much left as it belongs to my
mother…I’ve commandeered it now! I’m really quite torn between this and the
body butters from The Body Shop, there is a price difference which makes me
want to buy this instead. The Body Shop Body Butters are £12.50 at full price
whereas this product from Boots is just £7.95. This product is again cruelty
free and it contains Fair-trade ingredients.

Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub

Lastly I’m going to feature my most favourite body scrub ever, it will be so
hard to beat, I’m open to new suggestions though! I adore this so much I cannot
even begin to fault it, the smell is just divine, sometimes I just sit sniffing
it….not really…hmmm. I’m quite glad that this does indeed say ‘This is not
food’ as because it smells that good it could easily be mistaken! This product
costs £9.50 from Boots which I guess isn’t that cheap however, I would always
pay that little bit extra to buy this as it is AMAZING! These too, as far as I
can find out from doing some research are cruelty free, I’m so pleased.

I apologise if I mention cruelty free a lot, it is something that I have
become quite passionate about all of a sudden so I’m trying very hard to look
into it further. I only wish that products that were cruelty free had the
leaping bunny on them; it would make it so much easier!