I’m finally back after a few days of making myself do some university work,

I had to pop to town today and whilst I was there I popped into Home
Bargains, as you do. I wanted some biscuits to be honest but on the way around
the shop I came across a set of fake nails. Now, I have always wanted to try
them but I had been put off by the prices, as well as thinking they would just fall
off and be a waste of money. However, today I took the decision to pick some
up, they cost only £1.99 so I thought what the hell, if they fall off then it isn’t a huge deal.

These are the ones I picked up, made by Red Professional with there being two types available. These as you can see are clear whereas the other option was a pale nude set; I went for the clear ones as I thought they may be better as I was going to paint them afterwards.

I’m a complete novice at putting
these on; they were quite large for my very short nails, which I might add I’m
growing again, for like the zillionth time in my life…I may get there one
day! Anyhow, they were pretty straight forward to apply once I had chosen the
right size; it was just a case of popping a bit of glue on the back and then
sticking them on my nails. I had to cut them into a more desirable length as
I’m really not into witch nails; I then filed them to make the shape nicer. The
glue I have to say has held up quite well so far, we will see how long they

The hardest thing I found with them really was choosing the right size for
each nail, I think I have made them look ok but I guess you folks can let me
know if I haven’t! I’m relatively pleased since I have never put them on before.

I chose one of my favourite nail colours to paint them, plain old black! I
love black nails, I always have and I always will. 

There you have it, Barry M ‘Black’! (It is actually quite gloopy now, I need to replace it). I do really quite like the Barry M Nail polishes, I think they are quite unique with their products. They are also cruelty free, along with some of their products being vegan friendly too.

There is the final result, I tried to be a bit arty with my last picture!

What do you all think of these? I’ve never been a fan of fake nails in the slightest, however it is nice to feel long nails for once. I really must kick this habit.