Floral Nail Art

I’m being so naughty right now, I should be working on my essay that is due
in on the 12th of October but I just couldn’t wait to stick up today’s post.

Last night whilst watching yet another episode of Downton Abbey I decided to
try some nail art on my tiny nails. I wanted to try a design that I had seen in
a YouTube video by the one and only Bubzbeauty.
I have been following her for such a long time on YouTube, she is so gifted at
what she does, plus she is amazingly beautiful! Anyhow, after seeing her most
recent video on this vintage nail design I just fell in love…I had to try it
for myself! Bubzbeauty has used inspiration from Cath
Kidston designs, you all know which ones!

Here is my attempt everyone, and just so you know, even short nails can kind
of pull this off hehe!

My finished nails are above, along with the nail colours that I used to
create this look. I have a mixture here of Barry M, Color Club and Collection
all of which are cruelty free polishes. I also have a nail tool here which I
got off eBay a couple of years ago, I think I got a set of 5 for less than £5,
however there is no need to buy something like this as you can simply use a
toothpick or anything quite small with a point.

I’ve recreated the flower on a piece of paper as I’m new to this whole art
design business and I didn’t take any pictures whilst I was creating the look
last night. In my defence it was too dark for pictures as they would have
looked a bit ropey under my bedroom light.

All you have to do is paint your nails in a solid base colour, as you can
see I chose a pastel blue and white as my base colours; once this is dry you’re
ready to get designing! Simply place your first colour for your flower onto
your nails, seeing as mine are quite short I did just one flower on each nail
and then two on my thumb nail. Next all you have to do is using your tool of
choice just create an edge around your flower to be, this doesn’t have to be
neat. Then all I did was put a few leaves on either side of my flowers using
two shades of green, one would be fine though. Lastly all you have to do is add
a top coat to help the design last longer on your nails and then you’re done!

Seriously, if I can do this anybody can as my nails as you can see are very
short and I think they look ok; in fact, I’m quite pleased with them!

So, what do you think?

Thanks to Bubz for the great video, she inspired me to create this look.