A girl can never have too many shoes right?

*As I published this I noticed that this was my 100th post, this little blog has gone much further than I imagined, thank you everyone*

I’m going to put it out there; I’m not a typical girl when it comes to
shoes. By this I mean I don’t have pair after pair after pair after pair after
pair….you get my drift. I pretty much live in converse all the time, apart
from winter when I pull out my trusty Sketchers Boots!

Anyhow, after seeing a fellow blogger publish her most recent giveaway it
has lured me into looking at lots of different types of footwear. Terri Lowe is
running a great give away where the winner, of which there will be two, stands the chance to win some cash to spend on the Barratts website.

I’ve put together a little montage of the shoes I liked on the site!

If any of you have seen Terri’s post then you will recognise the first pair
right away. I really liked these boots by Earth Spirit, I love the grips on them, I mean, nobody is
falling in the snow and ice with those babies on! Plus, they look gorgeous!
(However I have to say I’d choose grips over style any day as I have an insane fear of
falling over). I really like the brand name too, makes me feel all ‘earthy’… whatever that is.

The second pair are wedges by Lotus Caterina, which I really do like yet I haven’t worn a pair
since I was about ten years old. I remember feeling rather grown up in those
denim wedges all of those years back…thinking back now they were pretty
gross! I love these though!

The third pair I have chosen are by Kickers, who make really good quality
shoes. I chose these for the type of shoe I would buy for work, as they would
be comfy.

Lastly, these are by Barratts themselves. I’ve wanted some military type boots for ages, these fit the bill quite nicely!