Enrapture Encode Totem Styler

I’ve had the EnraptureEncode Totem Styler since August but I’m only now just getting around to
featuring it on my blog. I’ve used it a number of times, but I have to say I’m
not all that great with styling my hair, it doesn’t come naturally to me so I
tend to feel rather self conscious 90% of the time when I go out with something

I’ve had a few curling tongs before,
all of which I have to say have been rather disappointing. Before I purchased this
I had read so many fantastic reviews so I was easily swayed; it is yet another
fantastic product recommendation from you wonderful bloggers!

 It comes in a lovely sleek purple
box, with it being safely secured inside.

Here you can see that there is a case provided which you can put your styler in to
protect it whilst you’re not using it, this is also handy when travelling. The cable is really long at three
meters so you’re not restricted with your movement whilst styling your hair.
Plus, another huge benefit with this I have noticed in comparison with other
stylers is that the cord attachment to the base of the styler actually spins
around with your movement so once again you’re not restricted at all.

I think what makes this styler so unique is that it has
three independent heat zones upon it which are controlled by the three dials
indicated in the above picture. These can be turned between 1-3 according to
the amount of heat you want in each section, with setting 1 being the coolest
and 3 being the hottest. It heats up really quickly and with the added feature
of a little stand it means you can leave it on your desk without the risk of
leaving scorch marks or running the risk of balancing it on the radiator like I
may have done in the past with my hair straighteners…

My hair is all over the place at the
moment, in fact, it is always all over the place. I have to say I have no idea
what look I want to go for and if I want to cut my fringe back in fully.
Anyway, here are my curls after I had brushed through them with my hands to
loosen them up a little. 

The setting I used for my curls was 1, 1, and 2
with setting 2 being at the bottom. I
honestly think this is the best hair curler I have had ever, I adore it and I
would of paid full price for it if I hadn’t of got it at half price from Argos,
which, incidentally I’ve just noticed that it is back on offer at half price.