Instagram #3

Instagram round up from a few weeks ago, I added an extra three pictures today to try and catch up! I think I’m still a week behind, I’ll get over it as I’m sure you guys will too.

Scotland v South Africa at Murrayfield in Scotland. Myself and my boyfriend
went to what was my first International Rugby match, it was awesome! 

Models Own Haul from Scotland, I was after these for ages. 

A picture of my argania hair oil which smells divine and works a treat on my
hair. This stuff has definitely changed the condition of my hair, in fact I
could rave about this product actually; I might even do a blog post on it.

The Righteous Butter by Soap and Glory, this stuff is just too good for
words, I love it!

Catching up on YouTube.

My first Korres product, the much raved about Lip Butters. I still haven’t
used this yet as I haven’t taken any pictures for my blog…commitment right
there folks!

 Converse <3

My Topshop necklace that I admit I paid full price for. I normally grab most
things in the sale as I think their jewellery is rather expensive but I
completely fell in love with this so begrudgingly paid full price; I think it
was £10.

My Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I had this in the bag since July! That’s
right, July! I wanted to use up other things before I opened this, what a
patient person I must be.