January Favourites

Last time I checked it was Christmas and now January seems to have gone past in the blink of an eye, blimey!

First up are the Revlon Just Bitten
Kissable Balm Stains
, of which I’m sure you are all sick of reading
about. I was very late to these as when they came out I was on a strict cruelty
free policy so I refused to buy them. (I’ll talk more about why I
purchased them in an upcoming post about my experience as being cruelty free). In
regards to the product itself I can understand why everybody loves these so
much, they are delightful. I picked them up for £5 each whilst on offer a few
weeks ago, bargain! These are great for people who are lipstick shy as they can
be quite subtle but also very buildable.

Next up is a nail polish from Topshop
in the shade ‘Threadbare’. I was looking for something similar to Revlon’s Bare
Bones and I think I may have found it in this shade. As you all know, Topshop
nail polishes are pretty darn fantastic, this was opaque for me in just one
coat and it lasted reasonably well. For just £5 they are wonderful products, I
can see my collection growing this year. The makeup range from Topshop is all
cruelty free which is superb as so many of you love their products!

The Rimmel
ScandalEyes Waterproof Pencil
in ‘nude’ was something that I had seen
blogged about and after seeing the results of it I knew I had to try it. Again,
Rimmel are not cruelty free, they’re also not a brand I’ve purchased much from
in the past; for me I’ve always been a Revlon girl. Anyhow, this eyeliner
really has impressed me and it’s made my eyes look far more awake than they
feel! At a price of just £3.99 I think it is brilliant. I’m still not blown away by Rimmel though, I don’t know where this opinion comes from.

Lastly is the Rêve
de Miel

Lip Balm
by Nuxe. This has been raved about quite a lot and what with
me on a never ending search for a decent lip product I just had to bite the
bullet and try it. At £9.50 it really isn’t the cheapest lip balm on the
market, but after using this for just over a month now I have to say it is
starting to work for me; I rather love it! It has a thick consistency to it
which I think is what my lips needed before I started to use it as they were craving intense moisture. From
what I can find out I think Nuxe are a cruelty free brand, yay!