Jewellery #1: Accessorize Love Bracelet

Whilst in the January Sales in Edinburgh I was always going to end up in Accessorize! It has to be one of my
favourite shops on the high street, they have such beautiful things in there,
so much so that I’m always finding new things I want to get my hands on; plus
there are three Accessorize shops in Edinburgh, what more can I say.

I picked up three items of jewellery whilst I was in there, with the first
item being featured today on my blog; the first of which I hope of many jewellery posts to come.
Please do let me know what you think of this one, I wanted to try something a
little new this year, as besides make-up and skincare I’m rather obsessed with

I picked up these bracelets in the sale; they came as one thing all together
so I got three bracelets for just the one price. I thought I still had the
receipt so I could say how much it was and how much I paid but after having a
quick search I cannot find it anywhere. If I stumble upon it I will add in the
price, I think I paid roughly less than £4 for this though, with the
original price being around £10.

There are three individual bracelets here but I must say I like wearing all three
together. All three are inscribed with the word ‘LOVE’ which I have to say I’m not normally a fan
of inscriptions on jewellery but on these I really like it as it isn’t too in your face, I think it is
rather cute in fact. I also like how there is a rose gold finish, a silver and a gold
therefore you could easily match them up individually with other items of
jewellery if you so wished.

They are loose bracelets so they will move up and down your arm quite
freely, I don’t mind this though, I like jingling around.