My Favourite Products of 2012!

My Favourite Products of 2012!

I have being looking forward to posting this ever
since Christmas. I just love these types of posts as I tend to find out some
great products from other people.

First up we have Soap and Glory, The
Righteous Butter. This is my second tub of this as I simply love it; the
smell is divine as are all the Soap and Glory products. This is really nice to
apply, I like thicker body butters as opposed to body moisturisers so this
ticks all the boxes for me. A simply wonderful product that I fully recommend
to everyone and their dog…ok maybe not the dog but you get my point, it is
fabulous! At £10.50 it isn’t especially cheap, however it does last me a while
and like I said because I love it so much I can always justify the price, plus
knowing it is a cruelty free product is always nice.

This year was the year in which I discovered Topshop
make-up, in particular their nail polishes. This is all down to you bloggers,
so thank you. There is such a huge range of colours to choose from, with the
majority of the polishes costing £5 with a slight price increase for metallic
polishes as well as the glitter ones. I think they’re great value for money as
the formula in my opinion is pretty darn great, they last incredibly well on my
nails which is saying something; plus the packaging is rather cute….they’re
also cruelty free.

Another item I have found myself loving this year
is The Body Shop Black
Liquid Eyeliner which costs £9. I never originally planned to buy this
however I forgot my eyeliner when I went to Edinburgh in July and well,
eyeliner is a product I cannot live without so this is what I purchased to
rectify the situation. I have to say it is pretty great, it lasts all day for
me and does not smudge one little bit. The nib is rather sturdy which allows
you to create the look you want if you’re a bit shaky in the hand like I can
be! I definitely would buy this again, however I do want to try something else
soon out of curiosity more than anything.

Again, another product by The Body Shop is their Camomile
Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. Readers of my blog will know I’m a huge fan of this;
it is incredibly gentle on the eye area and works pretty well. I think this is
around my seventh bottle of this so I’m quite the addict. I fully recommend
this to anybody, however after having used it for such a long time I’m now on
the hunt for something new to try. This is a great product though so it is
worth trying if you have not already, plus all products by The Body Shop are
cruelty free.

The Maybelline
24Hr Colour Tattoos have made it into my favourites this year. I purchased
these as soon as they came out in all five colours…shame on me. Two of these
I’m actually giving away to charity as I do not use them, the other three I
plan on keeping. My favourite has to have been ‘On and On Bronze’ which is
simply incredible. These eye shadows apply so beautifully and easily, they look
great and do not crease one bit for me. I tend to wear just this alone to be
honest but it can be used as a base for smoky eye looks, I fully recommend
these to everyone! At just £4.99 these products are a bargain, with this
product probably being the best eye shadow I have purchased all year.
Maybelline however are not cruelty free unfortunately which is the only
downside to this amazing product.

Lastly are the much raved about Revlon Lip Butters. Revlon is probably my
favourite drugstore brand as their products generally tend to be rather good. I
have three of the lip butters, Sugar Frosting, Strawberry Shortcake and Peach
Parfait all three which I really love. These were a nice introduction for me
into being more brave with lipsticks as I’m rather shy of them sometimes. These
cost £7.99 which for me is an ok price as the product itself is really nice.
Revlon are sadly not cruelty free anymore which again is the only downside to
these lip butters.