Valentine’s Day Ideas || Zatchels

I’ve being wanting to do a few Valentine’s Day inspired
posts, with my first being a gift idea of which I only discovered last night.
Zatchels are a UK based company which
make in my opinion pretty fantastic satchels and bags. They have a number of
collections which I’ve spent time looking through, however, the one that stood out
for me most was of course the
Hearts Collection which has been designed for this upcoming Valentine’s
Day. Have a peek below to see what is on offer.

Valentine's Day Ideas || Zatchels

I don’t know about all of you but I’m completely smitten with these
satchels! My favourite of the bunch is the large white and pink one at the top,
it is beautiful. There is also the option of barrel bags and saddle bags in
each design. I think that these would make such a nice gift to a loved one, as
well as a rather nice treat for you. For me they’re not just suitable for
Valentine’s Day, I know if I had one I would use it throughout the year, particularly
in the summer on nice sunny days.

These bags are all handmade which I think adds a wonderful touch as I love a
bit of handmade goodness and these surely are good. What intrigued me most about
these is that you can customise your bag by choosing whether to have handles on
or a slider for the strap, along with this you also can have a personal message
put onto the bag; how cute!

These vary in prices depending on the size of the bag you order; the most
expensive I got the large satchel bag to be was £140. This was adding every
option to the bag and including a 130 character inscription; the cheapest
option I could see was the barrel bag at £45. To be honest, even though they at
first come across rather expensive I think their uniqueness, quality and the
fact that they are handmade and can be personal to you makes them worth every

I am going back to browse the site…!