February Favourites

Just in the nick of time I’m popping up my favourite products from February, phew! Anybody else not like posting favourite posts if they fall into the wrong month? No….just me then.

I have being using the Collection
Sheer Loose Powder over the last two weeks so I think I can justify it
making it to a monthly favourite. I really like this at the moment as I find it
to be better than the Rimmel Stay Matte; I find it much lighter on my skin as
well as less powdery if that makes sense. This product is a complete bargain at
£2.99; remember students can get it even cheaper at Superdrug with that nifty
nus card! 

I’m completely in love with my LUSH Feeling Younger
Skin Tint which for me is basically a highlighter. I use this on my brow
bone as well as my cheek bones, where I find it creates a lovely sheen to my
skin, I fully recommend giving this a go! At £12 it is not the cheapest
highlighter product but I find that there is something with LUSH products that
just entices me, I cannot keep away.

I’ve being using my Nail Envy by OPI more
and more and I’m still in love with it, I’ve seen results so I know it is not
just psychological from all the good reviews I’ve read in the past. This is
pretty expensive to me so I’m hoping it lasts me a while as £18 for a nail product
is extortionate! I’m not entirely sure where OPI are in terms of cruelty free,
they are owned by a company that tests on animals but I do not know if they
have remained independent.

I did a review on the B.Pure
Micellar Water here
of which I still stand by what I said. I really do like this product as I find
it does the job pretty darn well and for £4.99 I can find no fault in it other
than to say provide a bigger bottle B.

Lastly is the Effaclar
Duo by La Roche-Posay, I’m sure you’ve seen this little gem crop up a
number of times. However, it is new to me this month so allow me to get all excited
about it and not get too annoyed. I had being suffering with my skin for the
last month or so, break out after break out and I did not know why, it was
rather unusual for my skin. I purchased this after reading numerous reviews on
it and after using it for a week I have to say my skin was pretty much back to
normal, the only issue I have with it is that it can be quite drying on the
area around my nose. This product costs £13 however; I picked up two products
in the Effaclar range for £15 from Boots so look out for the offers guys. La
Roche-Posay is not cruelty free.