MUA | Undress Me Too Palette

After having owned the original Undressed Palette by MUA and loved it I knew
I had to get my hands on the latest edition to this line, especially since it
was being compared to the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette of which I do not own.
The latest edition from MUA is the Undress Me Too Palette which I believe only
came out on February 13th so it is still pretty new.

I’ll jump right in with this one and show you all what it is like.

Now I had taken a photograph of this before I used it,
however it was horrendous so I have to re-take the photograph after I had used
it, sorry but that’s just the way it is. First thing you will notice about this
palette is that the packaging is white; whereas the original version was
black…I can’t decide which I prefer but for £4 I will not dwell on this too

Each shade has a name which is a bonus; I tend to find that
a lot of cheaper brands tend to just number their products which for me are far
less appealing.

Taking pictures of swatches is becoming the bane of my life at the moment; I
must have taken at least 50+ photos of my arm. Let me tell you, having being
doing the 30 day shred along with holding my arm out for photos it is really
starting to ache now; I really hope this picture is worth it.

From left to right we have ‘naked, devotion, shy, fiery, lavish, dreamy,
tranquil, exposed, reveal, wink, obsessed and lastly we have corrupt’. I have
to say the shades naked, lavish and corrupt gave me the most trouble as they
did not swatch that easily, however the rest of them were brilliant. I guess
that this picture just does not do them justice as for £4 they are incredibly
pigmented and beautiful, I do urge people to grab this palette as for the price
it is rather unbeatable.

I think out of all the shades my favourites are dreamy, exposed and wink.
Overall it is a great neutral palette which will be perfect for the upcoming
spring and summer as there are some great shimmery shades.