Mass move to Bloglovin!

Well, by now I’m sure most people have read about the end of Google Reader
considering it went on for the whole
evening last night on Twitter. It was really quite nice actually how the
majority of people helped each other get sorted over on Bloglovin which appears
to be the next best thing. Anyway, the reason for this big move is that Google
reader is being closed down with this coming into force on the 1st of July this
year, leaving numerous questions in regards to GFC. Will it remain present? Is
it going to go the same way as Google Reader? Are they linked?

Well, I have no answers for any of these questions, all I know is most
people are now moving to other platforms in order to follow their favourite
blogs, myself being no exception. So, a little self plug here but I guess we
all should be doing it one way or another, in order to let our readers know.
After all, if you’re like me, you’ve worked pretty hard at your blog so why not
let everybody know other methods of how they can follow you so that you don’t lose
valuable and loyal readers, I for a fact have some lovely folks following me
who I do not wish to lose.

So, what way can you follow A Little Boat Sailing I hear you cry? Never
fear, I’ve listed below a number of ways to follow my blog, therefore it would be great to see you

***Please note as of April 1st 2013 Hellocotton is going so I wouldn’t recommend following me through that platform.

Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

I made this pretty collage however no idea how to have separate links so you
have them below, sheesh, I try to be all unique with this post as lots of
people have done it and it backfires on me!

You get my drift anyhow!

I’ve followed blogs mainly through Bloglovin as I prefer it over the other
options, with Hellocotton being my next favourite method.

Thanks all!