Sleek || Mirrored Pink Blush

I have a little love affair with the blushers from Sleek, they are such
good quality for less than £5. Sleek has recently launched a new collection with
this being the ‘Aqua Collection’; I must say that as soon as I knew there was
going to be a blusher within the collection I was already committed. I’m aware
that there is also an eye shadow palette within the collection which looks
gorgeous however, I do know deep down that I wouldn’t really wear the shadows
on offer in that palette. The blusher however is a whole different ball
game….introducing, Mirrored Pink!

Now after falling in love with Rose Gold also by Sleek (see my review here) I was pretty
sure I wouldn’t find anything else to rival it, until now. I think
Mirrored Pink looks the same in terms of the shimmer that Rose Gold gives but
obviously the colour is different, for me it is simply perfect for spring
and summer.

As you can see the packaging is the same as all the other blushers offered by Sleek, it is nice and compact. There is a nice handy mirror too which is great if you’re taking it with you on your travels.

This blusher is extremely pigmented therefore you don’t need to apply much to get a nice pop of colour on your cheeks. Vibrant or soft you can achieve which ever look you want with this blusher, so be daring! It is one of my favourite things I’ve picked up this month therefore I’m really pleased I picked up the last one off the shelf at my local Superdrug. At just £4.49 I think the blushers by sleek are fantastic, I’m surprised I only own two to be honest.