Beauty UK || Blush and Brush

Whilst popping into Superdrug for dental floss and ear plugs (oh how I like to treat myself) I spotted down the beauty isles some blushers that caught my eye, well, how could I not stop and have a further inspection.

I found myself at the Beauty UK stand which I must admit I will hold my hands up and say that Beauty UK is a brand I never really pay much attention to. However, I may just change my ways as I’ve found some lovely little blushers which I can see myself using throughout the rest of the year.

‘Dawn Glow’ and ‘Rustic Peach’

I must admit when I very first saw these I immediately thought of the ‘& other stories’ brand as I know that those blushers also have imprinted text on. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying that brand myself though so that is where my comparison will stop.

First off the packaging is relatively simple, a plastic case, see through top along with a small blush brush which is provided. I most likely will not use these brushes but they are a nice little addition and I think for taking a product like this away on holiday or just popping in your handbag I reckon that they could actually come in handy.

I picked up a light pink shade as I wear a lot of pink blush if I’m honest so that was my safe option. I did however step out of my comfort zone and pick up a peach shade which is something I find myself lacking in the blush department and I have to say I really do like it!

These blushers are really pigmented as you can
see and I have found that they have lasted quite well on me, I’ve even graced
my cheeks with them today as I really like the colour pay off. These blushers
cost just £2.99 which I think is fantastic value for money; I want to go back
and pick up a few of the other shades now too. They’re currently on an offer of buy one get one half price at the moment in Superdrug so if you’re interested pop in to get them even cheaper.

As far as I can work out Beauty UK is a cruelty
free which is something that I’m always on the lookout for.

 ‘rustic peach’

Being brave I put on the peach blush to complete my review, I rather like it folks, what do you think?

P.S On a completely different note I’m so tempted to be rid of this hair colour! Scared to dye it darker though.