Maybelline Polka Dots Nail Polish

As a little treat I popped into town today to pick up a nail polish I’ve wanted as I have finally finished my final piece of work for university, hallelujah! All I need to now do is go and print it out with my friend tomorrow and that is it, three years complete. Let me tell you, it has gone by so very fast!

I specifically went with the intention of picking
up a nail polish from Maybelline as I had seen it mentioned by Kirsty over
at Hello Zelda. This was the
Maybelline Forever Strong Gel Nail Colour in ‘Mint For Life’. The nail polish
cost £4.09 which isn’t too bad a price as I have it on my nails now and it
looks stunning! I feel that you definitely require a second coat with this as
it is a little patchy which is slightly disappointing however this is
completely rectified upon the second application. The only downside I can
really see to this polish is that it is not cruelty free, which is something I
battle with every time I go shopping…I must do a post on this; however, let’s
not go off on a tangent today.

Whilst in town I saw another polish by Maybelline
which was the Colour Show Polka Dots in ‘Chalk Dust’, at a price of just £2.99
these are fantastic. After having created my own ‘SpeckleNails‘ I really did want a polish with this affect for when I was feeling
lazy, so here we have it.

Chalk Dust is featured here on its own to the left, with Mint For Life in two coats sitting nicely in the middle, last up I paired them both together which I think looks rather nice! They’re definitely not as ‘blended’ as the Illamasqua nail polishes from the Imperfection Collection however, for me this is still just as quirky.

What do you think?