Mermaid Perfume Oil

I’m rather partial to fragrances, body mists, room sprays and candles so when I was contacted by Mermaid to feature the Mermaid Perfume Oil on my blog I jumped at the chance! From all away across the pond Mermaid made it to my doorstep, here is what I thought.

Mermaid Perfume Oil * $50

The Mermaid Perfume Oil packaging is simple, elegant and not too fussy in the slightest. I like the gold detail against the white packaging, with the coral toned text adding a nice addition to the finished product. 

The oil itself is within a roller ball which
makes it really handy for application to areas such as the wrist or even behind
the ears, I think this is particularly good for ‘on the go’ as there is minimal
chance that this could end up going everywhere within your bag. The fragrance
itself is based upon Orange Blossoms of which I love oranges and I quite like
blossom…so I was very optimistic. Whilst I do like the scent of this product
I do feel that it is a little bit too strong for my personal taste and after
doing some research I did come to realise that perfume oils tend to be the
strongest, hence this would explain my thoughts. 

I found it too strong at first however I did find
that as the hours went by the fragrance did calm down  on my skin, leaving
behind quite a nice hint of citrus every now and then which was  quite
pleasant. I found that the fragrance lasted pretty well on me which is
something I tend to struggle with as I do find it rather irritable to buy a
perfume and find it does not last; this however did surprise me.

Mermaid also comes as a perfume spray which I
think would be quite nice as it would be lighter than the oil; it is also
available in the form of a candle if you fancy something different. I must say
I think some other companies may be missing a trick here as imagine your
favourite fragrance in a candle form, oh the possibilities!

Mermaid products all retail at $50 which at the
time of writing this is equivalent to around £32, placing it mid range of fragrances currently on the market. To me personally this is a tad expensive, however, I do find it refreshing to see a company offering fragrances in a variety of forms.

I know after trying this product I’m still quite
keen to try more perfume oils as being offered the opportunity to review this
has highlighted to me that perfume oils do last longer on my skin.

*PR Sample, these products were kindly sent to me for my consideration.