Topshop Lipstick ‘Macaroon’

I have been so tempted by Topshop make-up ever since I started blogging, I discovered a fantastic range of nail polishes yet it has taken me just under one year to buy one of their lipsticks, and honestly, I’m slightly disappointed…only slightly.

I picked up the Topshop Lipstick in ‘Macaroon’ a few months ago, it was a
choice roughly between this and the much raved about shade ‘Whimsical’; in the
end I went against the majority and picked up something different. Now don’t
get me wrong, I do like this lipstick however I find it has little staying
power, meaning it needs reapplying quite often throughout the day; it definitely fades quicker than many other products I have. Along with this, having only had
this lipstick from Topshop I can only speak for this particular shade but I
have found that I 100% need a lip balm under this as it can look pretty
awful upon bare lips that are dry, which mine normally are. I do think that if your lips are generally fine then these lipsticks are great! 

It is however a beautiful shade of pink with sight hints of coral running
through it, of which upon the lips I think it appears a little bit lighter than
it initially looks within the bullet. I really do like the texture of the
lipstick, it is very creamy and soft which makes me want to purchase another.
I’ve found that this shade is very pigmented which is impressive for a high
street brand as even though the colour pay off is fantastic; it isn’t too
bright or daring therefore making it a brilliant choice for every day.


All in all I’m something like 60/40 in favour of this lipstick, I love it
but there’s aspects about it that have left me a little bit underwhelmed
therefore, even though Whimsical sounds great, I’m rather unsure as to whether to pick it
up another as for £8 I could probably find something equally matched, if not better.

I think I’ve fulfilled my curiosity with Topshop lipsticks for now; although I know I will probably cave in the future! Do you have any recommendations?

Topshop make up is cruelty free which is incredible as I personally think they’re pretty influential on the high street, huge thumbs up!