LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint

A few months ago I popped into LUSH after being enticed by the smell of the shop as I walked past, I had a spare fifteen minutes so I thought heck, I’ll spend in it there as I never really go in. Whilst having a browse I was really intrigued by the LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint which having have a read of the product promised to make the skin look brighter and more youthful. Now, I’m only 23 so the youthful bit I can’t say I was too bothered about yet the claim of brighter looking skin was something I could definitely be sold on.

I paid £12 for this which I guess can be expected in LUSH as I do find it tends to be quite expensive, however because they are cruelty free I never really mind too much. This product as explained on the LUSH website can be used in several different ways such as being mixed in with your foundation or moisturiser to create a nice glow as well as being used as a highlight along the brow bone and cheekbone. Last but not certainly not least it can be used under the eyes to brighten dark circles.

Now, I had until recently only used this as a highlight for my brow bone and cheek bone which I really like as it gives a lovely sheen to the skin, catching the light beautifully. Be warned though, you do not need to use a lot of this as a tiny amount is all that is needed as too much could lead you looking slightly radioactive. Over the last few weeks I have now also being experimenting with this by mixing it in with my foundation and I have to say I really like the end results as it just adds a nice subtle shimmer to the skin without it being over the top. I’ve tried my best in the image above to give some kind of indication as to the look of the product, it is a pearly iridescent finish to me but I’m concerned that this hasn’t really shown up in the image; I fully recommend having a look at this in your closest store.

Once again selfies still appear to be the bane of my life in terms of capturing the look of a product upon my skin, yet I really do like to do a review with it being shown on if I can. So, below I was wearing my normal everyday products with the LUSH Feeling Younger used as a highlight on the cheek bones. It has shown up a little but I find the look is much better seen in the flesh therefore I have come to the conclusion that I think it is high time I started to look into getting a new camera lens.

I really like this product for mixing into my foundation and using as a highlight however I’m afraid to say that for me it has done nothing to combat the appearance of my dark circles as mine are always incredibly dark therefore I do tend to need something quite heavy duty. That’s not to say it wouldn’t help you though so if you can get a little sample to help make up your mind on this before you buy I would definitely try; samples can be so handy!

I can’t say I feel any younger using this, although that was not why I purchased it, I do find it gives my skin that extra boost though which is always welcome.

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