Autumn Nails with Barry M

I wanted to get my favourite autumn nail polishes in before we hit winter so here we have today my top five. Whilst I was choosing my favourite colours from my collection it dawned on me that all of them were Barry M, hence the name of this blog post. Barry M really do stand out to me as one of the best nail polish brands on the high street, they have an incredible shade range with a variety of different types available, such as texture, glitter and most recently matte polishes.

Whilst to me I don’t find them to be super long lasting I do find that with a perfectly good top coat that they will last a good number of days. For somebody like me who changes their nail polish so frequently longevity isn’t something I tend to worry about too much, Seche Vite normally has my back covered if I want my polish to last a bit longer than normal.

I chose Navy, Bright Purple, Prickly Pear, Plum and Raspberry as my top five, with Raspberry being my favourite polish from last year; see that review here.


Barry M Nail Polishes are cruelty free!