Jacava London Marrakesh Nights

My sister kindly sporting Marrakesh Nights

Jacava London is a new brand to me but one that interests me greatly as they make nail polishes and not just any old nail polish I’ll have you know, these are non-toxic nail polishes. Jacava London nail polishes are classed as ‘8 Free’ meaning that they are free from DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Cellophane, Parabens, Phthalates and Animal Ingredients.

I’m not going to pretend I know what all of those are and what the dangers associated with them may be but surely the lack of them within a product can only be a good thing, plus, I’m a sucker for a product that is cruelty free, they’re also vegan friendly! In terms of packaging I think the whole look of the nail polish is fantastic, they really stand out against everything else. They look really sleek, elegant and sophisticated with the added feature of the 22 carat gold print adding that luxurious vibe to the brand. I know that if I was walking past an isle with these on I would have to stop right away and have a look. 

The shade Marrakesh Nights retailing at £14.50 is a truly stunning purple shade, which to me also has hints of fuchsia in there too. Within the nail polish itself there are gold and diamond coloured powders which give off a slight shimmer to the polish, especially when captured in the right angle, it is so pretty to wear. The brush and handle of the nail polish itself is quite long and narrow which I don’t mind but it could bother some, it really depends on how you like your nail polishes; if anything I would have liked the brush to be a tiny bit wider. 

The application process with this nail polish was ok with one coat although I personally would always use two coats in order to help eradicate any streaks which can appear. In my experience this is generally the norm with the vast majority of nail polishes. Upon the top of Marrakesh Nights the top coat can be applied in order to help finish off the look and help protect nails from chipping, ultimately prolonging the life of your nail polish. The particular top coat has UV inhibitors which help to keep white nail polish white for longer however I’m not sure if this literally means a white colour or just a clear nail polish.

I tested these out on two members of my family in order to get a bit of feedback. I found that in terms of longevity the nail polish itself did chip after a day, this was using the top coat which at £14.50 makes me a little sad; both me and my sister found it not to be very long lasting. Having said that when using my favourite top coat Seche Vite I found this to make the nail polish last a lot longer on the nails leaving me with a good number of days before tip wear started to show.

I personally really like the nail polish itself, yes it is expensive but there are beneficial factors to be considered. The UV top coat was probably the weakest factor here as like I said with a different top coat the whole experience was very different.

Overall I’m can’t say that these are my favourite nail polishes to use, with this mainly being down to the price of the product. There are however some lovely shades to choose from and the fact that they are 8 Free will definitely make me consider them for the future as I think there is a growing demand for cosmetic products to be as natural and chemical free as possible.

Have you tried Jacava London?


*PR Sample, this product was sent to me for my consideration.