Monthly Wishlist #1 | November

It’s been a while since I did one of these as I found that doing one each week was a bit too much therefore I’ll probably do one just once a month now, after all, there are only so many things one can wish for.

The Aurelia Miracle Cleanser retailing £34 has been on my radar for over a month now. Every time I see it mentioned on blogs my interest in it grows, I’m incredibly keen to try this at the moment as it sounds like such a lovely product, especially now the cold weather is here my skin could do with some extra TLC in the cleansing department.

Ahh the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, why I haven’t tried this yet is beyond me as I’ve yet to read one single bad review on this stuff. The price scares me a little as at £26 I don’t think you get much for your money, plus the fact that I also have a pretty good primer already in my Nars Radiance Primer also has a bit of an influence on me currently holding off on this.

I’ve wanted a tinted moisturiser for a very long time now; I’ve only ever owned one which was by Nivea a long time ago when I was still in school. I find it hard to just pick one so I’ve always keept my eyes open when reading my favourite blogs just in case one pops up. Ever since I saw Estée blog about the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm back in January I must admit I’ve always had it in the back of my mind. I’m not too sure which shade I would be though which is why I’m currently on the fence about it. I think I would be perhaps the second lightest shade, as after comparing shade charts against the Bobbi Brown Corrector I was recently matched to, this being ‘extra light bisque’ there was a match between alabaster and extra light tint; however for £35 this cannot be an impulse purchase therefore I need to go back and try it in store. 

Despite everybody going crazy for the new Nars One Night Stand Palette which I must admit looks stunning I have also had my eye on the NARS Fairy’s Kiss Palette  which retails at £32. This is such a beautiful little palette; I know it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get hold of now so I will probably miss out on this as I’m trying to be good at the moment. I’ll just look at the beautiful image for a little longer…

The Benefit Rockateur Blush looks so pretty on all the reviews I’ve read. I really would like to try this for myself however the one thing that really bugs me with this product and indeed all the other benefit blushers is the packaging. I personally cannot warm to it at all; this one in particular is frightful! I think this is such a shame as the product itself looks beautiful. Retailing at a pricey £23.50 I’m not too sure I could part with my money come to think about it as I if I’m spending that amount of money I do like to enjoy everything about the product, not just one thing….maybe this shouldn’t be on my list this month.

The Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto fragrance smells amazing. I took a tiny sample of it home and fell in rather in love with it; I have to admit the packaging also really attracts me to it. I definitely want to try this again before I give in and buy it to be completely sure however I can see this becoming a pay day treat in the New Year.

The cheapest item on my wish list this month also happens to be the one I want to try the most. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge  at £4.99 is the latest addition to the Real Techniques line. With so many positive reviews surrounding this I will be sure to give it a go very soon as I’ve never tried a beauty blender before or any form of a dupe therefore I’m really interested to see how this works for me.

What have you got your eye on this month?