The Birmingham Christmas German Market

I found myself exploring the German Christmas Market in Birmingham yesterday which is an event I have wanted to go to for the last few years. I took a few snaps on my phone so I apologise for the quality of the pictures but they will have to do, I wasn’t too keen on taking the big camera to town with it being so busy.

Up and down the main high street there were so many stalls selling a variety of different things. From a variety of hand crafted jewellery, fabrics, candles, sweets, heaps of food and of course chocolate there was most definitely something for everyone. Yesterday was the last day of the market so there were some bargains to be had as the sellers tried to clear the majority of their stock, it felt like the last few hours on the apprentice where people keep reducing prices. 

I fully recommend you go if you haven’t been before; I will definitely be going next year too! If you were wondering about the chocolate, strawberry and grape cup then yes, it sure was incredible.


P.S I was featured over on the Fragrance Direct website today, I would be thrilled if you could give the picture of my make up entry a thumbs up 🙂 there’s a chance for you to win something too! Find it here.