Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion From Monsoon

Despite it still feeling -20°C outside (to me anyway), one must remember that after the freezing months of winter pass spring and more importantly summer are soon to follow. I know I’m looking forward to daffodils and bluebells springing up, along with that warm breeze on my cheeks and eating ice cream in the park. 

In order to help you visualise that image as I know it is quite hard at the moment whilst it is still miserable outside, take a look at the new collection from Monsoon for this coming spring and summer; there really are some gorgeous pieces that will help brighten up your wardrobe in the next few months.

Monsoon has always been one of my favourite shops to go in purely to look at pretty clothes. The designs that you find on their garments are exquisite, making them stand out so much on the high street. This year the new collection is centred on two themes, the first being tribal which is full of bright colours and strong cut out patterns, I expect this range will be a big hit during the summer in particular. The skirt in the image below really caught my eye as it reminded me of an art project I did back in GCSE that was centred on an African tribal theme. 

The second range personally appeals to me more as this is centered on the theme of romance, with pretty pastels and delicate embroidery confirming that this would be the range for me. The occasion wear in particular is beautiful, I’d certainly recommend checking it out if you have any special events coming up such as christenings or weddings.

What is your impression of the new Monsoon S/S 2014 Collection? I personally really do like it and cannot wait to see some of the items in store, despite the romantic range being my preference I can’t help but keep looking at the tribal skirt featured above, it is so pretty.

I now have just three questions to ask you:

Travel light or Pack Everything?
Beach or Festival?
Delicate Pieces or Vibrant Statement?

**Sponsored Post – All opinions and reasoning are my own.