Putting beauty products to one side for today I thought I would write about something different as I have recently decided to do something that I have being thinking about for a very long time. Plucking up the courage to do something that you’re scared of is never easy, especially in my case where I often find that I will shy away from doing something if I’m too scared or too nervous.

A rather simple example of that has been to finally enquire about getting braces. I have wanted braces for a very long time however it has only been in the last three years where it has really started to bother me. I’ve had several people comment that I don’t need them (although I’m convinced that they’re just being nice), however I know that deep down I’m really self-conscious about my teeth and would really like for them to be straighter. 

I’m one of those people that will never smile with their teeth showing in photographs. It’s a horrible moment in front of the camera when you’re self-conscious about your teeth. At times I can forget about my concerns throughout the day yet when the camera comes out I’m suddenly reminded of my lack of confidence when it comes to smiling. The same goes for when I’m having a laugh with my colleagues at work, I begin to get self-conscious after a while of laughing and smiling and then that takes hold and I suddenly forget to have fun and become this nervous person inside my head…does any of this make sense?

At the age of 24 I do wonder whether I’m too old for braces, I know that sounds daft as of course 24 is not old at all but most people have orthodontic treatment when they’re children or teenagers. It still seems out of the ordinary to me for someone my age to have them yet the final results of straight teeth are far too tempting now for me to not go through with them. I think my final tipping point of deciding to book a consultation was seeing a school friend on Facebook post a picture of her new smile after having her braces removed just before Christmas; the end results for her were fantastic!

Therefore at my next check up with my dentist I decided to mention to him my concerns about my teeth and to see what could be done. He was super helpful and pointed me in the direction of an Orthodontist in my local area. It is worth noting here that before I had spoken to my dentist I was under the impression that any dentist could provide orthodontic treatment, this however is not true. In order to have braces of some description I would have to see an Orthodontic Specialist, this is something to bear in mind if you’re scared of the dentist (like me) and rely on seeing a familiar face when you end up in that big chair. My initial first thought was fear because it has taken me such a very long time to find a dentist that I liked and trusted therefore the thought of having to see someone else about this treatment made me worry quite a bit.

After researching this particular Orthodontist and indeed the practice itself and of course leaving it for another good few months I finally went ahead and booked my consultation. My consultation was this Tuesday just gone and I have to say it went extremely well; in fact it went so much better than I had imagined. I’m open to shopping around at the moment as so many practices offer different prices etc.

I’m going to do a post all about my consultation for anybody that is interested as I’m going to record my progress on my blog. I hope nobody minds the odd post about teeth on here, I promise there will be no horrible pictures as teeth really do freak me out!

Have you had braces?  Have you thought about them?