Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paints

Rimmel Scandaleyes
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint
Rimmel Scandaleyes review

Ever since I picked up the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paints late last year I have being meaning to write about them on here. These were released towards the end of summer last year if I  remember correctly and after hearing some rather positive feedback about them I decided to pick them up during some type of promotion in Boots.

Currently there are just five shades available, these being Golden Bronze, Rich Russet, Slate Grey, Mercury Silver and Manganese Purple. To me this limited shade range is the only negative thing I have to say about this product as there are only two out of the current five that I honestly would consider wearing. I picked up Golden Bronze and Rich Russet as to me these were the most wearable.

Golden Bronze is exactly as the name would suggest however it certainly in my opinion leans towards the golden tones, it also has a metallic finish. Rich Russet is my preferred shade of the two with this being more my typical shade of brown; it is quite a cool shade which works nicely with my skin tone. Once again the metallic finish is there however once it has settled down on the eye lid I do think that calms down ever so slightly. Out of the two I always pick up Rich Russet as it just looks a lot better on me compared to Golden Bronze. I cannot make that shade work for me therefore I do regret picking that one up.

These are a liquid to powder formula therefore they apply quite wet and feel quite cool on the eye lid however this sensation does not last very long at all as they do dry super quick. I tend to blend mine out with my Real Techniques Shading Brush or more often than not my finger as this does the job just as well. Once I’m finished I know that the eye shadow is going nowhere fast as upon me this formula does not move. So far this has never creased on me and I’ve used these on many occasions since picking them up. I honestly cannot recommend these enough and would encourage those that are thinking of trying them to pick one up next time you hit the shops.

At £4.99 I do think these are a pretty good buy, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy some more so long as Rimmel brought out some new shades along the lines of Rich Russet; a nice taupe would be nice I think.