Supermarket Hair Styling

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try out a few electrical beauty products from Tesco in the bid to see if supermarket electrical beauty products really do cut it. Inspired by the blog run by Debt Free Direct ‘Making Money Go Further‘ there is an urge to know whether we can all save a bit of money by buying supermarket home brands instead of well-known brands on the high street. In order to run this little experiment I was kindly gifted the Tesco 2000W Hair Dryer*, the Tesco Black Ceramic Straightener* and the Tesco Female Trimmer* to try out to see what they were like in comparison to my other electrical styling products.

The Black Ceramic Straightener retailing at £19 was the first product I wanted to try as being a loyal fan to my Remington Pearl Straighteners I was really keen to see what this offering from Tesco would be like. Appearance wise they look appealing enough, they’re also relatively light and easy to hold along with a 2m length cord that gave me easy enough access from the plug socket to my hair. There is also a basic on and off switch which lights up when they are on, handy if you like me often get paranoid that things are not switched off. 

I found that these heated up slower than my Remington pair as these took just under one minute for me which really in the grand scheme of things is not a long time at all but it is something to note. They did get quite hot to be honest and easily put an end to any curls in my hair leaving it nice and straight, the finished result left me quite impressed. The actual product itself got also quite hot which is something to bear in mind if you were going to have them on for a while, especially considering that they don’t come with a heat proof mat or glove. Overall I did like these and would use them for a quick fix of a morning however if I wanted to style my hair properly for a day out for example I would definitely revert back to my trusty Remington straighteners.

Unfortunately I had a poor experience with hair dryer sadly because when I first turned it on the power cut out after five seconds, since this initial first use it has not worked right at all. It sounds rather feeble now when I put it on as if it is lacking power, it sure sounds like it too. I also witnessed blue smoke coming from it and the smell of burning so I have been very reluctant to put it on ever since. It’s a shame really because the reviews on this product online are very good so I’m pretty sure that my experience with this hair dryer has been one of a minority. 

My experience with this hair dryer hasn’t put me off at all as having tried cheaper hair dryers in the past from Tesco they have been ok and have served me pretty well. At just £8 this hair dryer seems like it would be a complete bargain, it could have easily been the star of the show in regards to this blog post.

Last but not least is the female trimmer which I have to confess I felt a little awkward about as to be honest I didn’t really know what to use it for. This type of product is designed to be used for smaller areas that require hair removal, such as the eyebrows. I tested this out a little bit to see how effective it was but in all honestly I found that I prefer using other methods of hair removal such as tweezers or threading. At just £4 this is a super affordable product however I just can’t really see any point in where I would reach for this over my pair of Boots tweezers. I’d be really interested to hear what you would use this for or if indeed you do use this type of product.

Overall these products were not that bad at all. The straighteners left me quite pleased because they did the job relatively well, the hair dryer was disappointing due to a fault however I won’t be letting impact my view as I do honestly think it sounds quite good for the money. The female trimmer however left me rather baffled, I honestly wouldn’t choose to use this type of product myself whether it was from a supermarket home brand or from a well-known brand such as Braun or Remington.

I would say after trying these home brand products from Tesco that I’m more open to trying cheaper alternatives instead of immediately deciding to buy brands that are more known to me.

Have you tried supermarket home brand beauty products?

*These products were kindly sent to me by Debt Free Direct as an experiment on money saving.