Thirty Years of Accessorize!

It’s hard to believe that Accessorize has been around for thirty years, ever since launching a small store in Covent Garden in 1984 the name has grown across the globe. This year in order to celebrate Accessorize is embarking upon a road trip where various stylish hotspots will be hit with sparkly statement pieces and pastels galore. First stop? London!

Take a look at the video below to get a glimpse of some of the items in store for London this year!

Now for those that don’t live in London (like me) I see no reason for us to miss out on what the brand has to offer therefore I decided to compile a little list of things that I would like to get my hands on this year, I fully recommend that you do the same too.

Mint green is fast becoming one of my favourite shades this year, therefore the silk scarf above combined with grey (another favourite colour of mine) looks to be a complete winner for me. I picked out the military cap to add something a little bit different as I never ever wear hats however this could be the first hat to make an appearance on my head purely because I like it so much.

The Double Pocket Bag is another spectacular offering from Accessorize this year, it reminds me of the Zara City Bag somewhat but quite a bit cheaper!

Of course an Accessorize feature would not be complete without mentioning some jewellery with this being of no exception. The collection of silver bracelets here are extremely pretty and will add a little bit of a bohemian vibe to an outfit whilst the delicate flower necklace would look beautiful against a soft cream blouse. I also added in some plain sterling silver bands as you cannot go wrong with them, I’m actually making a mental note to pick these up in store next week.

The last item I decided to take a closer look at was the Leila Butterfly Vest Set as it immediately caught my eye whilst browsing the website. I have to say that I never really consider the clothing or underwear in store but next time I go in I’ll make a point to have a look as they are super pretty.

**Sponsored Post – All opinions and reasoning are my own.